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No matter how adventurous a cat may be, he or she will never neglect cat comfort.

On this page, you can order from room service and see what's showing on catellite TV channels, as well as see the standards you can expect of a room.

Pictured is the sign to one of my favourite hotels in Corsica, which meets all the requirements of the discerning gentleman cat.

Your room: essentials

Room service

TV channels

Your room

Cousin Tigga helps herself to refreshment from the minibar

Cat with paw in milk jugCat licking milk off paw

As a minimum, the following are deemed to be essentials for cat comfort:
  • Velvet-lined, 24-hour de luxe cat flap
  • Antique Louis Catorze (XIV) sofas, covered in brocaded silks, for scratching
  • Minibar containing water, cat milk, Catpari soda, Scotch single malt whiskers, advoclaawt
  • Basket with feather mattress and pillows with sachets of catnip on them each night
  • Cat litter sacks with the ends folded into triangles
  • Electric fur dryer
  • En-suite tray
  • Catnip
  • Automatic fur-licking machine

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bowl Room service

Room service should be able to provide refreshments, entertainment and other necessities.

Make your choice from the room service menu below.


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Make your choice from the drop-down menu, and a picture will pop up. If your browser is set to block pop-windows, the pictures will not appear but you can see them on the room service menu (no pop-ups).

I ordered a clockwork mouse!

Polo with mouse Polo with mouse Polo with mouse

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Catellite TV

Whether you're looking for comedy that will make a cat laugh, action adventure or something for the kittens, most hotels provide a decent range of TV channels.

Make sure the hotel provides a remote control. Your ability to stay on one chair for a long period depends on this.

Shown below is a typical TV schedule.

Catellite TV schedule

Sky sport
24-hour pro-celebrity bird catching

UK Gold
Carry On Pussy

Daytime TV, any channel
My owner wants to get another cat

Shopping channel
Sexy flea collars for you!

UK History
Famous cats of World War II

Big Cat Diary

International football: Catalonia versus the Felineppines

Granada Cats and Flaps
Nude pigeon wrestling

Canal Plus
Le chat qui dorme toujours

Rai Uno
Il gatto e purrissimo

Die Katze, die das Sofa beisst und kratzt

Kitten channel
Top Cat
The Aristocats

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