My links page is open to everything and everyone friendly to cats. Cousin Reggie (pictured below) looks a bit like a lynx - he says he's half Burmese and half Abyssinian - and I got the idea from him.

Shown here are the Cat Boat in Amsterdam and the Torre Argentina cat sanctuary in Rome, with an inset of one of my Italian friends who lives there. I have had the honour of visiting both. Click on the pictures of scroll down to their links below to find out more about them.

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Anglo-Italian Society for the Protection of Animals
Promotor of animal welfare in Italy and supporter of the Torre Argentina cat sanctuary (see below). Need we say more?

The Cat Boat
Amsterdam's floating cat sanctuary and world-famous tourist attraction (picture at top of page).

Cat Chat
Charity that finds homes for cats and kittens from shelters across the UK.

Cats Protection
Cat welfare and rehoming charity. Unlike Polo, most cats dislike travelling, so download advice on moving home with a cat and much more from here.

Cats in sinks
For all your cat and bathroom needs.

Daily kitten

Devoted the health and well-being of cats and kittens everywhere. Home of the Online Cat Guide, plus lots of pictures, stories and fascinating cat miscellany.

Torre Argentina cat sanctuary
Cat sanctuary in a historic site in Rome, which I have visited (picture at top of page). The cats model among Roman ruins for their own calender. If you cannot get to Rome, you can still adopt a Torre Argentina cat remotely.

Cousin Reggie puts on a fierce expression for his lynx look

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